#identity #gender #body #creation
#masculinity #representations #diversity

Frau Diamanda


Translator, self-taught audiovisual artist, drag performer, independent curator, cultural infector, writer, DJ and sometime actor/actress who has specialised in transgender art and multimedia performance. Originally from Peru, Frau Diamanda now lives in Barcelona and is currently taking the MACBA Independent Studies Programme.

This performative talk uses an itinerant audiovisual portfolio to look back over Frau Diamanda’s work as an artist and activist, from video art to transvestite philosophical notes, from anecdotes of Lima nightlife to the cultural historiography of Peru, from confession to simulation, from dressing up to live sound action, from egocentric thrills to community dialogue. This journey follows a life story begun in Peru and now flourishing in Barcelona.

source: https://www.macba.cat/